New Merlin design available from Protoworx

Angelo Malaguarnera made the effort to create a new version of the Merlin, that not only looks very good but comes in two variations. One with a horizontal heating cartridge and one with a vertical.

The longer heating area allows for higher printing speed.


























The new hotend will soon be available from Protoworx 

As usual it comes under Cern OHL 1.2 license.

Merlin 2018 PDF

Merlin 2018 STEP


Alter Kram

160208-02 160208-01 160208-06 160208-05 160208-04 160208-03

LM8UU to Sleave bearing adaptor





If you want to replace a LM8UU linear ball bearing with it’s more silent, cheaper and less weighty sleave counter part 8x12x12 you canuse this adaptor.

I basically only use sleave bearing for all linear bearings nowadays and for quite a few radial bearing uses as well. The smaller formfactor alone is a huge argument for me.

LM8UU Adaptor


On Thingiverse

Handle for Airbrush Gun

I don’t have much (or more exactly any) experience with Airbrushing, but the first thing i noticed with my new tool was the bad fit for my rather large hands.
A bit of modelling in Cinema 4D and a couple of prototypes remedied the problem quite nicely.
The handle is easy to remove for cleaning.

On Thingiverse

AirBrush Handle STL and C4D

Airbrushgun02 Airbrushgun01 Airbrushgun06

Airbrushgun05 Airbrushgun04 Airbrushgun03




I admit it, i am a tape addict.

misc_001 misc002






Somehow the appeal of tape is simply to much for me 🙂

Challenge accepted :)


Actually surprisingly easy and much more stable than i thought


Making a cut

There comes a time when some things aren’t worth the trouble any more. I have been a forums leader on CG Society for a dozen years and while it sometimes was a pita it was always rewarding enough to keep going. Not anymore.

One thing i will remember fondly are the other forum leaders on CGS. I can only watch in aw how some of them are able to do their job, despite personal attacks and everything.

Especially Leigh, hats off to her, only very few know what she really does and mean for all of CGS.


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