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I have decided to get rid of a good portion of my printed books. An estimated 3000 books are up for graps, mostly german Science Fiction and Fantasy. I am still sorting out many english books where i haven’t decided yet what to keep and what not.

I just want to give them to a good home so they are not up for sale but i will simply give them away to anyone who is interested in reading them 🙂

If you are interested mail me at

All books have to be collected here in Friedrichsdorf.

Woods around the Maxon Villa

SInce i had to replace my old Lumix with a brand new Coolpix S7000 (the SD slot stopped working), i took the new camera out for a walk.
I just love it. Even a dummy user like me can make nice images with it.

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Sommerbrücke in Friedrichsdorf


Wie jedes Jahr im Sommer auch diesmal, von Ende Juli bis Ende August Live Musik und Unterhaltung


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