Me 01

I’m Björn  Marl, born in 1966 and grown up in Plettenberg, a small town in Germany.
I learned electronics engineering and later studied information technology.
For about 13 years I was working as a freelance PC / Network technician and part time instructor / SW developer. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX 81 somewhere in the early 80s. During my early work on Amiga I used Modeller 3D and Videoscape.
Later I got CINEMA 4D 5 Go for hobby which was quickly replaced by XL 7. After using XL 7 for 1/2 a year I got hired by Maxon for techsupport and some PC / network tech stuff.
When R8 development started I got involved with QA which i did for over 10 years. Now my main jobs are Technical Design and pool cleaning.
My hobbies are reading Science Fiction (big Heinlein and Pratchett fan), 3D printing and my two cats.

On the CINEMA forums my nickname is Srek.

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